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nxSharp Actions for .NET is component for Windows Forms for...

nxSharp Actions for. NET is component for Windows Forms for rapid and handy user interface development. This component is analog of Delphi VCL ActionList with additional features.

With nxSharp Actions you can avoid. NET shortcuts restriction. Now you able to use any key combination in your applications. Also you can assign shortcut to any control, use shortcuts without linking to a control and create Global shortcuts.

Features:Full range of controls that could be linked, include components from. NET Framework 2. 0 and third party components. Single, centralized way to manage control's propeties with minimimum code writing:Text HintImageEnabledCheckedVisibleDisplayStyleShortcuts handling:Any key combinations, including Enter,Escape, etc.

Possibility to restrict shortcut`s visibility in some controlsGlobal shortcuts (fire even in non-active application)Possibility to create shortcut without linking with a controlSingle response for objects such as menus and buttons that linked to action.

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